Four Pre-Orders Set to Hit Your Shelves This Fall!

With each pre-order, there is an expected ship date. These dates are dependent on what time estimates we get from our jacket/sleeves/vinyl producers. We try to stick to the expected ship date as close as possible, but sometimes we run into delays. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we navigate these murky waters! As much as we’d like to offer new items that are in stock and shipping right away, pre-orders are a vital part of an independent record label’s operations (which you can read about here). With all that said, let’s take a look at some pre-orders that are expected to start shipping soon!


Renfield is expected to ship in September! This deluxe “Dracula Flesh & Blood” variant features a pink and red splatter on a light blue background. The jackets are double gate fold with a heavy matte satin and spot gloss finish, complimenting the release very well. This package will be pressed in house at Waxwork’s facility. 

Friday the 13th Bundle

Another package that will be pressed in house, the Friday the 13th Bundle is expected to ship October 13th. Just in time for Halloween! Available on red and black swirl colored vinyl, this LP is sure to look good on any turntable!


Expected to ship in October, Barbie will hit your shelves this spooky season! What better way to show off your Barbie costumes than by spinning these beauties on your turntable. Barbie comes in five different variants - Weird Barbie Splatter, Neon Barbie Pink, Beach Off Swirl, Barbie Land Splatter, and Rollerblade Barbie. Along with the previous titles, Barbie will be pressed at Waxwork Headquarters!

The Sandman

The Sandman is expected to ship this month! This beautiful variant is pressed on a “Dream Black and Gold Sand” swirl 180-gram vinyl. Pressed in house, we are particularly proud of how lovely this package turned out!

Pre-Order Yours Today!

With Halloween right around the corner, it's a good time to order your soundtracks! 

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