Delving into Waxwork's In-House Vinyl Pressings

Opening a pressing plant has been a fun endeavor for Waxwork Records! It has allowed us the opportunity to really explore different kinds of vinyl pressings. Waxwork is proud to present high quality records that have a unique and exceptional look to them! Let's take a look at some of our in-house pressings that have blown us away!


Pictured here are three different Barbie variants. The first variant is a "Barbie Land Splatter" on pink, blue, and white. "Rollerblade Barbie" is the second variant on a tri-color split theme with blue, pink, and yellow to match Barbie's rollerblades! Last up, we've got "Weird Barbie," on a pink record with blue, yellow, green, and orange splatter. Get a closer look at these pressings here!

The Sandman

This 180-gram 2xLP is pressed to "Dream Black & Gold Swirl." The gold and black work together to create a distinctive gothic feel. Get lost in The Sandman's fantasy pressing here!



Re-Animator is a special pressing because it marks the first record to be pressed in-house at Waxwork Records. To celebrate, we pressed this vinyl to a gorgeous and lush hand poured double green variant. Check it out here!


Renfield is pressed to a variant called "Dracula Flesh & Blood." It's got blues and pinks and reds and it looks divine. Renfield is available to purchase now!

Evil Dead Rise


Like Re-Animator, Evil Dead Rise is a hand poured variant called "Deadite & Blood." This process involves a person who manually pours different colors into the hopper, getting this effect! See more details here!

Cocaine Bear

To go with the theme of the movie, Cocaine Bear is pressed to 180-gram clear vinyl with white splatter. You can pick up the "Cocaine and Crystal Clear" variant here!


There are no words to describe how pretty MALUM turned out. This 180-gram LP is pressed on a "Ritual and Blood" variant. 

Friday the 13th

Another beauty, Friday the 13th features a vibrant red and black swirl. Get spooky with this fine soundtrack which will be available this upcoming Friday the 13th!



    Beautiful pressings!

  • Paul Brettell

    Coloured vinyl is now an art form in itself. Amazing work! Would love to see some videos of the actual record making process.

  • Lori Garcia

    I’ve been ordering for years and always been happy and pleased. However, now I’m very proud and excited that you have total control and can express yourselves on colors and creativity. I absolutely love the new you. Keep up the beautiful work. Always Grateful, Lori

  • Lynne Doubleu

    It’s really fascinating reading about all these in-house pressings, and congratulations, you all, on such a great crop of first pressings!!! :-D

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