The Importance of Pre-Orders for Independent Record Labels

Pre-orders are a vital part of the operations of small independent labels. From first glance, it’s hard to tell what makes them so important. Let’s explore pre-orders and the benefits they offer small labels.

Pre-Orders are an Investment

A lot of people have pondered whether or not Waxwork will still be doing pre-orders since we’ve got a press up and running and we are now pressing our albums in house. The simple answer is “yes.”

There are a lot of tasks that need to be carried out for each release and most of these tasks are behind the scenes. From the very beginning, each release has costs associated with each of these tasks. As someone once said, nothing in life is free! From acquiring the license, to getting the jackets printed, there are hidden costs that most people don’t think about. These costs start piling up long before anyone sees the finished product and they can be burdensome to independent labels. When you pick up a pre-order, you're helping combat these costs and investing in the future of upcoming releases!

In an ideal world, pre-orders wouldn't exist and we could get products to your doorstep as soon as you purchased them. We don't live in that world, however, and we appreciate all those who support independent record labels by purchasing pre-orders!

If you'd like to read more about pre-orders, we covered this topic in great detail here!

Take a look at some of our titles that you can pre-purchase!

The Sandman


The Midnight Club

Evil Dead Rise

Cocaine Bear


Knock at the Cabin Door



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