The 7 Best Soundtracks to Study to

It's been said that listening to music while studying is a good way to keep your brain engaged, leading to a better memory. This is because music activates the right and left side of your brain. It also can help block out distracting noise like traffic sounds or the ticking a clock. Lastly, it can help shift your mindset to a more positive one since music also relieves stress. With all that being said, we've got the perfect soundtracks to listen to while you're doing your thing and getting your study on!

7. Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass is split up into two wildly different genres. The first disc in this expansive 3xLP are all choral hymns while the second and third discs are classical music. This dark and brooding soundtrack will help you zone into your homework while it's playing in the background.

Funnest track: Body of Christ

Calmest track: Dignity


6. Unbreakable

If you need something a little more relaxed with a classical feel to it to study, Unbreakable is for you. This album is jam packed with big orchestral tunes that will have you feeling at ease with flowing and sweeping strings.

Funnest track: Mr. Glass / End Title

Track with the most flow: Weightlifting


5. The Menu

If you have a culinary quiz coming up, The Menu is a fitting score! It's full of rich and melodic strings. Composed by Colin Stetson, you know there's going to be some whimsical and eerie tracks. 

Funnest track: Do You Think You're Special?

Scariest track: The Mess


4. Bloodsport

This quintessential 80's soundtrack is perfect for studying. With its melodic tunes and upbeat tempo, you're sure to race through your readings while still remembering everything you need to. 

Funnest track: Finals / Powder / Triumph

Fan-favorite track: Steal the Night


3. Nope

Nope has a lot of great elements that makes this soundtrack perfect to study to. It's got some pop tracks, some Dionne Warwick, some country bops, and some funky strings (we are listening to Michael Abels, after all) that will have you bobbin' your head while you study.

 Funnest track: Sunglasses at Night (Jean Jacket Mix)

Bounciest track: Jupiter's Claim


2. Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands is just a fun soundtrack to listen to in general. You really can't go wrong with Danny Elfman. If you have a harder time studying to upbeat music with heavier drum beats, however, give this soundtrack a try. It's whimsical and light and the perfect score to get lost to some education in.

Funnest track: The Cookie Factory

Dreamiest track: Ice Dance



And spot number one goes to ÆON FLUXThis soundtrack is the best to study to, hands down. It's fun, up-tempo, and mystical sounding. Whether you're reading or cramming for a test, this score will keep your brain engaged as these dystopian-esque tracks play in the background.

Funnest track: Elevator Episode

Grooviest trackMonican Jam (Bonus Track)


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    I just finished listening to all six records of the “ÆON FLUX” soundtrack, and I can confirm how phenomenal it is!

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