The Funhouse Gets Its First Official Vinyl Pressing

Packed away in a neat little corner of Horror B-sides is The FunhouseWith the entry of 80's slashers, this was one of Tobe Hooper's contributions to the sub-genre. More known for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and PoltergeistThe Funhouse happens to be one of Hooper's lesser discussed films, but it is still a gem in horror. It makes use of the macabre milieu quite beautifully, with creepy undertones that will make the hairs on your arms stand straight up. This movie, though a slasher, is still distinctive, with its carnival setting and harrowing uniqueness. You won't want to sleep on The Funhouse. It's perfect in almost every way. 

The film follows a couple of teenagers, two of which are on their first date with each other. After accidentally stumbling upon a woman getting murdered, the teenagers try to escape the carnival without losing their heads. The movie is filled with freaks, monsters, and the ride of your life! Pay to get in, pray to get out!

Rick Baker was the special effects and make up artist for this film, most notably known for his contributions to An American Werewolf in London where he won an Academy Award for Best Makeup. He has gone on to be nominated for Best Makeup ten more times, winning seven. With all these accolades under his belt, it's no surprise that The Funhouse stands out for its special effects and make up. This film is one of the only slasher flicks that Baker worked on, so it's holds a special place in the hearts of horror-lovers.

The soundtrack features an eerie circus vibe. Available on a "Dark Carnival Ride" Pinwheel Colored Vinyl, this variant is pressed to impress on a yellow and red pinwheel! This is the first time anyone is able to purchase this record on vinyl and it is available now! Pick up your copy today!


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