Waxwork's Deep Cuts

While Waxwork consistently releases mainstream titles, we also release more underrated gems that many people have not seen. These titles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common - amazing soundtracks! Let's take a look at some deep cuts that will leave you awed.


The first of the deep cuts is Archenemy. It is the story of a man from another dimension who appears on Earth, but without his superhuman abilities. The only ones who believe his story are two teenagers. The score is an awesome, electronic, pulsing feast for the ears! And the art design was done by none other than Robert Beatty!

Army of the Dead

One thing about Zack Snyder, his movies are always exciting and visually amazing! This is no exception. It’s a comedy/heist/horror film of epic proportions. A team of humans rolling through zombie infested Las Vegas to rob a casino. What could go wrong? Well, the aforementioned zombies, for one. The fantastic electronic ambient score by Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL) adds to the thrilling nature of this pulse-pounding movie. Don’t sleep on the LP’s packaging, either! Tear apart the zombie’s face to reveal the locked safe. What’s inside? Your records, of course! And, maybe a ferocious undead tiger…  

 The Sword of Doom

Not as well known as some Kurosawa films, this is still an excellent example of the 1950s/60s samurai movies that made a strong impact on American cinema. The Sword of Doom is a darker and more violent take on the lone samurai story, showing how one man’s deplorable actions can lead to a life of pain and destruction. The score broods and swells as we follow our anti-hero Ryunosuke on his path of murder, abuse, and otherworldly terror. A killer soundtrack!

Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country takes the viewer on a thoughtful trip through time, space, and reality. It is a beloved horror series that premiered on HBO in 2020 and ran for only one season. The series gained a lot of attention for its racial undertones and bold commentary. The show landed three Critics Choice Awards and two Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards, along with a slew of nominations! The score was composed during the height of Covid-19 isolation with all the parts recorded individually. It brings an emptiness to the music that can be felt as we watch our main characters struggle with the concept of family and monstrous creatures!

Godzilla Vs. Kong

It’s Titan against Titan in this installment of Warner Bros’ Monsterverse series. Godzilla. King Kong. Epic fight scenes. What more could you ask for?! The score, again by Tom Holkenborg, is an electronic thrill to match the excitement of exploring the Hollow Earth, fighting tech giants, and saving humanity.

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