Monster House - The Perfect Movie to Watch this Halloween

Monster House is a 2006 animated horror film directed by Gil Kenan. Motion captured, it features the voices of Steve Buscemi (Nebbercracker), Mitchel Musso (DJ), and Maggie Gyllenhaal (Zee). Monster House has an interesting story line, great voice acting, and superb writing - it's no surprise it was nominated for an Oscar. It also has a killer soundtrack by Douglas Pipes (Trick 'r Treat, Krampus).

The story follows three friends along their journey with Nebbercracker after discovering that a spooky house in their area is actually a monster. The entire film takes place during Halloween weekend, making it the perfect movie to watch during the fall. What else makes this movie so perfect?


Fall Themes and Beautiful Animation

The first reason that Monster House is a perfect watch is that it has a lot of fall themes woven throughout the the film. There are orange and yellow leaves embellishing the trees. There's fog in the dark and dreary night scenes that's so chilling you can practically feel it caressing your skin, crisp to the touch. There are jack-o-lanterns lighting up yards and porches, reminding you that Halloween is here

The film also features amazing animation. The movements are smooth and fluid, the camera angles complimenting the fluidity of each scene. There's something to be said about the art style, as well. It is simple, yet somehow profound.

There's nothing quite like watching fall movies when we are carving pumpkins, cozy in our sweaters, and sipping on hot apple cider!

Great for the Whole Family

Looking for a horror movie that's good for the whole family? Monster House is for you! Love, heartbreak, death, revenge, bullying, growing up, letting go, and moving on are all subjects explored throughout the movie. What's more is there are also some great themes of coming of age in the movie that will help children identify with the characters. Death can be something that is hard for children (and even some adults) to grapple with. Monster House tackles this concept quite elegantly. Even though this film can feel scary at times, it's not too intense for kids and it's still enjoyable and fun for adults too.

Great Gateway to Horror for Children

Waxwork has released a handful of titles that are appropriate for children, Monster House being a staple. Films like Goosebumps, The Munsters, Beetlejuice, and The House with a Clock in Its Walls are all great contenders but Monster House really gives them a run for their money. The movie itself is pretty tame, but it's still scary as the house really creates a dynamic of thrill and suspense.

Monster House is something that the whole family can enjoy together. It's the perfect film to watch during fall and it's a delight to watch during Halloween. For anyone who's looking for something unique and daring in an animated film, you can't go wrong with this one. Cozy up with your loved ones this fall and check out Monster House!

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