The Warriors Makes Its Return

The Warriors came crashing into cinemas in 1979 and left an impact on a generation of moviegoers. A dark and wild tale of rival gangs, looking for peace, but forced to fight, to defend, and to search for the truth. 

When the leader of the street gang, The Riffs, is murdered at a conclave where he proposes a truce amongst the gangs, the falsely accused Warriors must fight their way through New York to the safety of their home turf, Coney Island. Along the way, the Warriors have to battle rookie gang The Orphans, the painted-faced and baseball bat wielding Furies, the seductive Lizzies, as well as numerous other rough and tumble gangs out to get revenge. 

A History of Violence

Upon its opening weekend, The Warriors was topping the box office. But its subject matter drew in a tougher crowd. After a few violent incidents at a few screenings, the studio got spooked and pulled the movie from theaters. This only led to cementing the movie into the pantheon of cult films, where it has continued to enjoy a rabid fanbase and growing popularity since its release. 

What a Score!

The Warriors has the honor of being the first all rock ’n’ roll film score composed using a synthesizer. This score shines, ratcheting up the tension during the fight scenes and keeping the movie going at a frenetic pace. The closing song “In The City” was recorded for the movie by Joe Walsh, guitar player for the band The Eagles. The Eagles liked the song so much, they re-recorded it as a whole band and put it on their next album!

We are so excited to have another repress of one of our all-time best sellers back on vinyl! The double LP is pressed on “The Warriors” red and brown 180 gram vinyl and features artwork by Marvel Comics artist Dave Rapoza, a printed insert, and deluxe packaging.

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