2022 Year In Review


Welcome to the new Waxwork Records Blog, KNOW THE SCORE! 2022 has been a big year for Waxwork Records. We’ve released some of our favorite titles and even repressed some classic favorites. We purchased and moved into a sprawling 17,000 sq ft building with a 75 space parking lot with room to grow! We even started building our very own full scale vinyl pressing plant! With 2023, our tenth anniversary, right around the corner, we wanted to reflect on what was truly a game changing year for our record label. Check out our 2022 releases below. This list doesn't include 2022 re-pressings of older Waxwork titles like GET OUT or new titles that we've launched this year which are now available for pre-order such as THE RING.

Waxwork Records 2022 Releases

Waxwork Records Expands!

During 2021, we decided that it was time to move locations and make room for Waxwork’s growth. We had completely outgrown our Richard Street address where we had been headquartered since November 2014. With the additional new plans of opening our own pressing plant already brewing, it was time to get moving. Relocating the company across the city was a massive endeavor that involved several moving trucks, fifteen movers, and fourteen hours of nonstop trips between the old Waxwork joint and our new HQ.

Let's back it up... during the purchase of our new space, Hurricane Ida pummeled Louisiana. Based in New Orleans and being no strangers to severe weather, we persevered, but our new building sustained roof damage and other structural issues that needed to be remedied right away. Finding an insulated, climate controlled warehouse in NOLA that fit our needs was nearly impossible. Finding one that isn't located in a part of town where you take the daily risk of getting carjacked or catching a bullet is also an effort. After months of searching for the perfect space, we were dead-set on moving into this building. "Let's just make the fixes and get on with it! Time to sell more records!" we said.

Moving into our new offices / warehouse was surreal, to say the least. The warehouse used to be an indoor playground for children, so the walls were painted all kinds of colors from purple, to orange, to lime green. There were random bags of clothes left behind, long lost to the almost empty cabinets of bouncy house’s past.

To get ready for our regular operations, renovations were in order! Our favorite fireman, Earl, helped us tremendously by painting, demolishing, knocking walls down, installing new lights, replacing old janky doors, you name it. All of this was necessary to get ready for the next chapter of Waxwork Records!

The Pressing Plant

The vinyl delays have been hard for everyone. It’s no secret that the turnaround time for vinyl tripled over the last couple of years. To meet these demands, we decided to expand operations and open our very own pressing plant. We’re so excited that we will be able to tackle these issues head on! Construction has already begun and we have some big announcements on the way. Stay tuned for more pressing plant related news! Hey, how about a whole blog post dedicated to the pressing plant?

Waxwork Records Fang Club

This year has included another fun addition to the Waxwork family, The Waxwork Records Fang Club, more sentimentally known as the Fang Gang. We started a club for all of our Waxwork enthusiasts and really had no idea where it would lead. It started with a couple thousand followers, but has grown into a raging and supportive, fun community where we’ve had the opportunity to get to know our customers better! The club has been home to fun competitions, giveaways, awesome pet pictures, and discounts galore! Join the Fang Club HERE!

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  • Bianna

    You’re off to a great start!! It would be awesome to see you guys do a box set of all 6 Resident Evil movies (not the games) or all 8 Chucky movies (or *all the Halloween movies)

  • Glenn Gover

    Please, please, please consider releasing soundtracks of House of Dracula and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

  • Adam D Vanleer

    Waxwork independent record store tour in the works right? HA! Keep grinding and enjoy the ride.

  • Richard Myer

    will my bloody valentine be back this year? thank you.

  • Shawn Swope

    You guys have been so awesome and have done so much for Horror and Vinyl fans, across the globe! Thanks for everything! Cheers to a bright future- Excelsior!!!

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