2023 Subscription

As many of you have heard, we brought back the Waxwork Records Subscription for 2023! After running a deluxe subscription club for seven amazing years in a row, the decision to take a break in 2022 was not easy for us, as we love providing a yearly subscription with new titles, exclusive colored vinyl, and other Waxwork-branded swag! Long vinyl manufacturing turnaround times, pressing plant delays, staffing shortages, changes at our manufacturers, and supply chain bottlenecks forced us into sitting out 2022. And that’s only scratching the surface!

We are thrilled to announce that after months of planning, the Waxwork Records Subscription makes its return for 2023! We’ve got an incredible year lined up for you and are excited to have so many people on board with us!

The 2023 Subscription includes:

  • Dawn of the Dead (1978) Original Theatrical Soundtrack Library Music 3xLP
  • The Funhouse (1981) OST 2xLP
  • The Sentinel (1977) OST 2xLP
  • Body Double (1984) OST 2xLP
  • Crimson Peak (2015) OST 2xLP
  • Se7en (1995) OST 2xLP
  • Exclusive Colored Variants only for subscribers
  • 15-Month Calendar
  • Hoodie
  • Embroidered Beanie
  • T-Shirt
  • Turntable Slipmat
  • 10% Discount on ALL Waxwork items in 2023

A Sneak Peek at Some Upcoming Artwork!

Crimson Peak (2015)

Crimson Peak


The Sentinel (1977)

The Sentinel


What’s Different this Year?

This is the first year that we’ve included a sixth title in the subscription! This is the first time we’ve ever released a massive 3xLP set for subscribers! We’ve also never dipped our toes in the embroidered beanie swag, but here we are! You can also expect to receive more personalized updates from Waxwork HQ that include updates and early bird announcements letting you know about all new releases that are coming up!

Preparing for Industry-Wide Delays

Our exclusive Subscriber vinyl variants are often more complex to press, creating longer turnarounds. We consider this reality when deciding Subscriber variants, but additional complications created massive delays with our subscription titles in the past. They even caused some titles to ship the following year. Across the vinyl industry, production delays have unfortunately become commonplace. As manufacturing delays keep getting longer we've found ways to adapt to these unexpected challenges. (We talk about this in another blog post. See it here!)

Subscriber variant of Stephen King's Carrie from the 2021 Subscription

There are a number of reasons for this industry-wide issue. First, and foremost, the demand for vinyl has increased exponentially in the past five years. There have also been pressing plant closures, causing production to bottleneck. On top of that, Covid-19 created further issues while plants tried their best to look for solutions toward restrictions that impacted how many employees could be in an enclosed space. The industry has also seen shortages of supplies like paper and vinyl pellets. These things combined created the perfect storm and hit independent record labels like Waxwork hard. 

We’ve taken extra precautions this year to ensure that subscription titles will make it out before the end of the year. We have chosen titles that are already far along in various stages of the production phase. This is another important change that we’ve made to this year’s subscription that will help keep releases on schedule and out the door on time!

Deciding the Subscription Titles

People often wonder about our process for choosing titles for the subscription. There are a lot of things to consider! We always do our best to include movie soundtracks that we know our customers will love. Cult classics, titles that have never been given a release on vinyl (and sometimes never on any format!), awesome soundtracks by talented composers, and deep cut genre films are some of things we think about. We then weigh our options about how long the turnaround times will be for acquiring licenses, creating artwork, mastering the soundtracks, and so much more. Finally, we plan for production times of the vinyl records, jacket printing, and other materials needed. With that said, we spend a considerable amount of time preparing the absolute best subscription titles with criteria that must be met to ensure you, the fans, are beyond happy with.

2023 Subscription

We're very excited for all the changes we've made to this year's subscription but we're even more excited to share six new releases with our Subscribers! We've incorporated new practices, added new swag, and increased the number of titles in the subscription to make it even bigger! 2023 is looking good, and we're happy to have you all on board with us!

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