The Waxwork Records Fang Club

Waxwork Records Fang Club

One of our favorite new ventures to happen during 2022 was the creation of the one and only Waxwork Records Fang Club! The Fang Club is exclusively on Facebook, and is home to an entire crew of Waxwork enthusiasts. In the club, we offer different competitions, giveaways, sneak peeks, behind the scenes footage, label updates, and advice about vinyl and music! The Fang Gang has grown into a supportive and fun community that fosters relationships with like-minded individuals who have a passion for movie scores and soundtracks on vinyl.

Giveaways and Competitions

The Fang Club has held a lot of competitions and giveaways over the past year! These have ranged anywhere from extra discounts to a 2023 Subscription giveaway to free test pressings! We have held scavenger hunts where our Fang Club members were able to sleuth through our website to find hidden discount codes, cutest pet photo contests, and so much more! And the most exclusive and honorable competition of them all: Fanger of the Month. One member who shows the most positivity, does the most good, and provides the support for other Fangers and the Waxwork crew wins the coveted title of Fanger of the Month, and a free record of their choice. These giveaways have given us the opportunity to get to know our vinyl community on a more personal level as they share insights to their own personalities and lives. Take a look at some of these competitions and giveaways that have sparked some creativity from Fang Club members!

The soup contest was fun and had everyone hungry for The Exorcist! We had never given away a test pressing before, so this competition was something special for the group and new for us as well! (For those curious, number 5 is not tomato soup. It is butternut squash soup. To see the other answers, you’ll have to join the group to find out!)

The Fang Club Exorcist Test Pressing Competition

Building a Community

Aside from fun competitions and giveaways, we’ve also built an encouraging community (with the help of our awesome members) that provides knowledge and first hand vinyl experience to everyone! We have such eclectic and knowledgeable patrons! People come for advice and to share stories about their experiences with Waxwork Records, the vinyl community, and cute photos of their pets with Waxwork merch. We even do Q&A's with the community!

Poppa has become an icon in the group!

Is The Fang Club Right for You?

The Fang Gang has become an awesome space to learn, create, grow, and enjoy each other's company. People have made long lasting friends in the Fang Club. Others have learned about new music and vinyl. Still others are in the club to show off their collections, kids, pets, toys, record players - you name it! Not to mention, there are frequently special sales and giveaways for all the Waxwork lovers! So come join us if you want to participate in the conversation or if you want to just lurk from the sidelines. Everyone is welcome! To join, click here!

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  • Mark Workman

    If it wasn’t for the Fang Club I would have never found so many of my now favorite movies! Tourist Trap, The Prowler, Alice Sweet Alice, and Don’t Go In The House. I’ve also got to meet people who share the same interest as I do. Let’s be honest it’s the only reason I even use my Facebook about at this point. Love Waxwork, and the Fang Gang!

  • Richard Myer

    I love The Fang Gang! I love the people&posts.

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