Valentine's Day: Scored Through the Heart

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some soundtracks we’ve released that featured a lover’s demise. There is nothing more gut wrenching than seeing a relationship meet its end! Let’s take a look at some of the best love stories that end in heartbreak!

10. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 composed by Jerry Lambert

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 is not necessarily a love story but the undying love that Leather Face feels toward Stretch, however, is undeniable. While watching the film, it makes complete sense as to why Leather Face would feel so lonely. In his family, he is treated like a huge doofus and is bossed around, never allowed to make his own decisions. Meeting Stretch changed that for good ol’ Leather Face and ultimately, it ends up backfiring in a big way. We hope that one day Leather Face will find his true love.

9. Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands composed by Danny Elfman

This love story follows an unlikely pair of lovers, the outcast and the beauty, through Suburbia Hell. Though she is reluctant at first, Edward Scissorhands captivates Kim with his ice sculptures and strange, yet charming aloofness. Edward is on a meteoric rise around town, before a false accusation brings him crashing back to the bottom. His “criminal” actions, while not completely untrue, are done in the name of love. Though torn apart by the lies of various community members, true love never truly dies, and even after years apart, Kim can’t help but still feel the love she felt for Edward when they were young.

8. My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine composed by Paul Zaza

My Bloody Valentine isn't necessarily a love story. It is, however, a classic slasher that's named after the holiday in question, so of course we had to include it on the list! I guess if you wanted to get technical, it is sort of a love story of a man with his pick axe!

7. Nosferatu, The Vampyre

Like many recent retellings of the Dracula story, the vampire is a sympathetic figure just looking for love. Allbeit, in this version he is a grotesque, pale, rat-like creature, Count Dracula still somehow manages to woo the heart of young Lucy. At first she resists, planning to sacrifice herself to take down the sinister strigoi, but in the end, when you have nothing left to lose and his teeth are in your neck, a deep feeling of devotion is bound to bubble up, and a love like no other takes over. A love that will last even beyond the grave.

6. Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow composed by Danny Elfman

This story is told through the creation of Tim Burton. So, of course, the lovers in this story are kind of odd, sort of pale, and very goth-looking. Sleepy Hollow technically has a happy ending for one pair of lovers, but not all of them. Most of them get their heads chopped off by the Headless Horseman when they're just going about their lives. Katrina and Ichabod, however, escape the gloomy town of Sleepy Hollow and retire back to New York where they hopefully live happily ever after.

5. Fear Street

Fear Street composed by Marco Beltrami, Marcus Trumpp, Anna Drubich, and Brandon Roberts

Welcome to Shadyside and Sunnyvale! We don’t know why all of these awful things happen to the residents from Shadyside, the bad part of town, but it almost seems as though they may be cursed. Perhaps Sunnyvale is to explain? This Netflix series is based off of R.L. Stine’s books, Fear Street, retelling the rivalry between the two neighborhoods. The love story between Deena and Samantha Fraser encapsulates the passion of young love. Later, we see this love story again through Sara Fier and Hannah Miller’s relationship in 1666 when gay love was not something people were cheering for. Each film in the trilogy features a different romance as we watch these characters fight for their loves and their lives. These love stories don't have the happiest endings, but they're entertaining to watch!

4. Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein composed by Franz Waxman

Don’t monsters deserve love, too? After terrorizing his village and almost getting burned to death in a windmill fire, Frankenstein’s Monster is back again, and this time all he really wants is a friend, and a mate. When Henry Frankenstein and his mentor, Dr. Pretorious, finally manage to create a female mate for the Monster, things do not go as planned. In an epic rejection of the patriarchy and forced marriages, The Bride rejects The Monster, hissing and screaming whenever he attempts to get near. Consent is important, gentlemen! But, in usual machismo fashion, he can’t let that slight to his manhood stand. The Monster says, “We belong dead!” and kills himself, The Bride, and Dr. Pretorious. Some loves can’t be reanimated, I suppose.

3. Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass composed by The Newton Brothers

There are a lot of love stories in Midnight Mass! And they all end terribly! While all those who reside on the island expose their truths, we learn of their harsh doings that have filled them with remorse and regret. Out of that regret, the love (or what appears to be love) stories emerge. A lot of us can relate to spending time with someone in a relationship that is born out of a deep need to feel connection. It’s not always healthy, but sometimes it beats the feeling of loneliness. These types of relationships are strewn all throughout Midnight Mass from mother and son, to son and dad, to wife and husband, between friends, and between lovers who have rekindled their adolescence romance as adults. How far will these people go for those they love and when do their good intentions become anguish and disappointment in themselves? Watch this literal slow burn this Valentine's Day to find out!

2. Get Out

Get Out composed by Micheal Abels

It’s a tale as old as time: Boy meets girl, they fall in love, girl invites him over to meet the whole family, family turns out to be part of a cult that harvests the bodies of Black people so that the memories and personalities of their elderly can live forever. Sure, Rose might have just been using Chris to further their nefarious plans, but as she says, “You were one of my favorites.” There was some real emotion shared between them! He couldn’t bring himself to kill Rose. You never forget the love for your first serious partner, or your love for Froot Loops. Get Out is a Valentine's Day must.

1. The Munsters (Finally, a Love Story with a Happy Ending)

Composed by Zeuss and Rob Zombie
True love can come from anywhere. Sometimes it is a chance meeting at a bar, sometimes coworkers can start a romance, and sometimes you see a monstrous reanimated corpse cracking jokes on a late-night talkshow and know that you’ve found your soulmate. Lily and Herman were destined to be together from the beginning. No one could understand them quite like they could understand each other. A true match stitched together in the lab of love. From Transylvania to Hollywood, the Munsters built themselves a happy life and a happy family. A true romance that will never die!

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