George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead

George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead has been a long awaited and fun release for Waxwork Records! Ruiz Burgos, a long time collaborator with Waxwork, spent many hours on the artwork, creating this fluid and spectacular collection. The entire package has a retro theme to match the 1978 film and the album artwork features the protagonists, zombies, and vivid colors that mimic the rich tones of the cinema classic.

There's not a lot of new, official Dawn of the Dead merchandise out there, in fact, this is the first time this version of the soundtrack has been released in its entirety on the vinyl format! This expansive three LP set features the complete De Wolfe library cues from Romero’s 1978 cut of the zombie classic. Living Dead fans have been asking us to create a deluxe release of the film's library cues for years, and we are honored to finally unleash this official soundtrack into the world!


Dawn of the Dead includes a heavyweight triple gatefold jacket with matte satin coating, artwork by Ruiz Burgos, a four page booklet, extensive liner notes, and retro colored vinyl! To see more about this release, check out the product page here!

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  • John

    Whew, sad for anyone who didnt get a chance to pick this up but I am totally loving my subscriber variant!

  • Donald

    Wow, is it already sold out? Or is it going on sale latter?

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