Body Double to Hit Your Shelves this February!

Waxwork is proud to be releasing the soundtrack to the neo-noir thriller Body Double on vinyl for the first time! Directed by Brian De Palma (Carrie, Scarface, The Phantom of the Paradise, and many more) and starring Melanie Griffith, Body Double is filled with cinematic beauty. A modern homage to Hitchcock, De Palma amps up the suspense and the eroticism as the characters slip deeper into a world of murder, tension, and desire. This is an essential addition to the erotic thriller cannon, whose heyday began in the early 80s. By mixing the scary and the sexy, De Palma crafted a classic!

The score was composed by Pino Donaggio, a Waxwork favorite! (Also, the composer of Carrie, Don't Look Now, Tourist Trap, The Howling, and many more.) Donaggio is a master of making viewers feel uneasy and anxious with his creepy cool music. The vinyl release of the soundtrack features a lavish film laminate gloss coating with heavyweight gatefold jackets. The 150-gram vinyl is filled with great music that horror lovers will absolutely adore.

Artwork on this release was done by the fantastic Robert Sammelin. You may recognize his art from some of our other releases (The Firefly Boxset, Godzilla: Showa Era Boxset, The Lords of Salem, Vice Principals). We were lucky to be able to use the stunning poster art on the front cover, but Sammelin really knocked it out of the park with his suggestive and eerie art for the gatefold, back cover and center labels. The artwork also shows a major set piece from the movie, the futuristic Chemosphere in LA, once described as the most modern house in the world!

Body Double is now available and can be purchased here!

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