No One Will Save You

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Waxwork Records is proud to release NO ONE WILL SAVE YOU Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Joseph Trapanese. From 20th Century Studios, No One Will Save You is a captivating sci-fi psychological thriller introducing Brynn Adams (Kaitlyn Dever), a creative and talented young woman who’s been alienated from her community. Lonely but ever hopeful, Brynn finds solace within the walls of the home where she grew up—until she’s awakened one night by strange noises from decidedly unearthly intruders. What follows is an action-packed face-off between Brynn and a host of extraterrestrial beings who threaten her future while forcing her to deal with her past.

Written and directed by Brian Duffield, the film features music by composer Joseph Trapanese.

About the director:

A beloved Writer, Producer & Director, Brian Duffield is best known for penning some of the most unique horror stories of the last half decade. Duffield first emerged after being tapped to write The Divergent Series: Insurgent (Lionsgate). Following the resounding success of Insurgent, Duffield became one of the most in-demand writers in Hollywood, developing acclaimed projects closely aligned with his passion for horror and dark comedy. Massive success followed, including Jane Got a Gun (The Weinstein Company), The Babysitter (Netflix), Underwater (20th Century Fox) & Love and Monsters (Paramount). As his successes grew, so did his ambitions. Duffield began producing many of the films he wrote, and in 2020, finally released his directorial debut, Paramount’s dark comedy, Spontaneous. Only the second project that he has helmed as the Writer, Producer & Director, No One WIll Save You is a unique take on isolation, grief & how your past can come back to haunt you.

About the composer:

Joseph Trapanese is a prolific composer and producer of music for film, television, video games, and theatre. Trapanese graduated from the Manhattan School of Music before moving to Los Angeles, where he jumpstarted his career by composing the score for Tron: Legacy along with Daft Punk. He has worked on projects as varied as the Divergent series, Straight Outta Compton, The Raid (with Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park), The Greatest Showman, and Prisoners of the Ghostland.

NO ONE WILL SAVE YOU Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Features:

  • The Complete Soundtrack by Joseph Trapanese
  • 180 gram "Invasion" Colored Vinyl "Midnight Blue & White Light Beam" Swirl
  • Heavyweight Gatefold Jackets w/ Matte Satin Coating
  • 12"x12" Insert
No One Will Save You
No One Will Save You
No One Will Save You