Waxwork's Best Sellers!

Waxwork Records has an extensive catalog! With over 180 titles under our belt, there's plenty of fan favorites that consistently sell out. These timeless classics are ones that anyone would love. Let's dive into these best sellers! 

1. The Thing

Our release of The Thing features the entire score by Ennio Morricone. A beloved favorite of John Carpenter fans, the sounds of this score are eerie and melodic. Plenty of harps and other stringed instruments will encapsulate you and surround you with a full mellifluous embrace. Released in 1982, this score perfectly captures Morricone's beautiful and entrancing music reminiscent of the era. The Thing OST is an ageless piece in Waxwork's catalog, often selling out quickly, placing it at the top of Waxwork's best sellers.

2. Friday the 13th Series

The Friday the 13th series features Friday the 13th Part I through Part VIII. Each of the soundtracks have a unique and distinctive concept. Harry Manfredini's scores of Part I though Part VII will transport you to an earlier 80's theme, engrossed by sounds of terror and fright. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan is the only one of the series that is scored by Fred Mollin. It incorporates much more synth into the music, matching the era of the late 80's. These timeless pieces consistently land on Waxwork's top sellers list.


3. Creepshow

Another fan favorite atop Waxwork's best sellers is the Creepshow soundtrack by John Harrison. It is sinister piece that will take you for a joy ride down a synth-driven road, weaving you through some substantial piano melodies. With the addition of so much synth, the soundtrack enjoys an 80's vibe but with a sprinkle of the 70's. The score is much more playful than one would imagine, fitting the theme of the series in a complimentary way. 

What's Your Favorite?

Waxwork has many cherished titles to choose from that have brought joy and enrichment to many of our lives. What are your favorite Waxwork titles?

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  • Bryguy

    My top 5 rotations have been:
    1. Salem’s Lot
    2. Day of the Dead
    3. The Warriors
    4. Creepshow
    5. Trick or Treat
    (and also obsessing over F. Francavilla’s artwork)

  • Bruce Henrionnet

    Though I agree with this list, my top 5 (i couldn’t choose 3) from WW is :
    1. Re-Animator
    2. Creepshow
    3. Bloodsport
    4. Carrie
    5. Dawn of the dead

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