Kinds of Kindness Original Soundtrack LP!

We here at Waxwork are once again thrilled to be presenting the soundtrack to a by one of the best new composers out there: Kinds of Kindness by Jerskin Fendrix! You can pre-order the new soundtrack album here!

A film that is presented in diretor Yargos Lanthimos’s unique and wild style, it is told in three distinct parts, like three interconnected short films. The film stars some familiar faces from Lanthimos's previous works, Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe, while adding some new like  Jesse Plemons, Hong Chau, Joe Alwyn, and Hunter Schafer. One thing we can expect from a movie by Lanthimos is some madcap costumes, sets, and situations.

Like Poor Things, this film is composed by Jerskin Fendrix. This is only his second score, but he is already Oscar-nominated and widely celebrated. Again, Jerskin started composing the score before he had seen the movie, only being provided with black and white still shots from the film. This time around, Yorgos requested that Fendrix put away his off-kilter instruments to settle into some calmer piano and choral music. Including songs from the Eurythmics, Dio, COBRAH, and actress Margaret Qualley, the soundtrack rounds out a complete sonic experience.

We are honored to present the score for Kinds of Kindness as a unique picture disc, something we haven’t done at Waxwork for a long time. We are excited to add this to our catalog and for you to add it to your collection.

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