Celebrating Friday the 13th with an Exclusive Bundle

Set to hit your shelves on October 13th, Friday the 13th is on sale and available for pre-order! This exclusive bundle features a new 4K UHD SteelBook with the matching Waxwork F13 cover art! 

The album variant comes with a black and red swirl colored vinyl, printed inserts, director and composer liner notes, and art by Jay Shaw and Jacqui Oakley! Friday the 13th is iconic and masterful for a handful of reasons! Let's take a moment to celebrate the film.

Friday the 13th has become one of the most popular horror film franchises of all time! Known to be one of the first horror films of its time to show extreme violence, the film is unique and truly groundbreaking for the horror genre. The special effects, which were new and innovative for the 80s, are what makes this film shine. Friday the 13th really pushed the boundaries of blood and gore, becoming the first slasher to show a decapitation when Mrs. Vorhees loses her head, quite literally! The soundtrack is also iconic, known for its "ki ki ki ma ma ma" effect, inspired by Mrs. Vorhees murmuring to herself, "kill her, mommy." These sound effects carry on through the rest of the franchise and can be heard in all of the installments!

Speaking of iconic moments, one of the most exemplary kills in all of Friday the 13th history comes from the moment when a young Kevin Bacon gets an arrow through the throat! The tube that was installed to excrete fake blood became disconnected, forcing Taso Stavrakis (who was on set assisting with special effects and stunts) to blow on the tube, pushing out an abundance of fake blood. The scene stood out for its gore and is etched into the heart of horror fans!


Friday the 13th really became something special, even through its low-budget design (in fact, they ran out of money while making this film three separate times), the charm of the 80s slasher shines through in this film! This is a passion project that we've been working on at Waxwork for some time! We hope that you enjoy this exclusive bundle! You can pre-order it here

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