Waxwork's Staff Picks

Do you ever wonder what Waxwork employees are listening to? We love our releases just as much as you do and we're here to tell you which ones we recommend! Take a look!

Jamie, Wholesale Manager - House

From the opening plinking piano tune, you think you’re in for a nice, calm ride through the Hausu soundtrack. But oh no, my friend. Far from it. The score, and the movie, quickly take a turn for the insane, in the best way possible. From 70s Japanese pop songs to twisted psychedelic thumping beats, Hausu never stops assailing the listener with mind-melting melodies!

Rachel, Warehouse manager - Æon Flux Box Set

My recommendation would absolutely be the Æon Flux box set. Not only is Drew Neumann’s score for Æon Flux an excellent listen, this boxset is one of the most comprehensive pieces I’ve had the privilege to assemble here at Waxwork. One of my favorite parts of collecting vinyl is that the physical medium allows us to pay homage to both the musical and visual artistry of a show. From the curation of the album artwork, to the amazing one of a kind art booklet, this box set would be a beautiful addition to anyone’s collection. Much of the score evokes the same mood of the show; a dystopian ambience with subtle Western undertones. Listening to this score transports me to a science fiction world of surveillance and espionage and instantly makes whatever else I am doing feel that much cooler.

Jean, Communications - Midnight Mass

The soundtrack to Midnight Mass starts off with choral hymns. Each one features beautiful harmonies built on top of a choral melody that will have you feeling somewhat somber, despite Father Paul’s uplifting and passionate sermons throughout the show. If choral hymns are not your thing, fret not– track 10 marks a turn for the soundtrack where it becomes more orchestral. There’s a lot of dark and brooding strings that pause to make room for some high-pitched string accents, creating a thoughtful and curious mood. The themes of the religious choral hymns and the orchestral score compliment each other well and mesh perfectly, inspiring a wide range of emotions as the story unfolds.

Megan, Customer Support - The Sparks Brothers

This release is one of my favorites. I rented the documentary at least five times before it was streamable for free. The music is great from start to finish. I knew of Sparks for years but never knew their origin or anything about the band. The songs were familiar because they influenced many of my favorite bands and I had heard some of their music but never enough to truly know Sparks. Seeing the film flung me into an almost obsessed state where I couldn't listen to these records enough.

Zoe, Warehouse Team - Fear Street

I was a fan of the Fear Street Trilogy upon listening to the album. Something immediately felt so nostalgic about this film considering its summer camp setting along with the feeling of what once was in our youth. Tying in the beautiful personal familiarity of a young queer love story that becomes transformative and intertwined amongst all three films. The first track right on the first album sets the scene- slow and eerie, building up to a swell almost as if you're at the top of a roller coaster. You feel the drop coming but you don’t know what's on the other side. All you know is you're ready to find what’s to come. The album and film are the embodiment of your teenage years wrapped up in your greatest fears and you can't help but be excited for the ride.

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