2018 Waxwork Records Subscription

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Waxwork Records is beyond thrilled to announce the 2018 Waxwork Records Subscription. 2018 marks our fourth year offering a deluxe and exclusive subscription service for our most dedicated fans. We cannot thank you enough for the support and interest you have shown Waxwork Records. We are excited to continue to offer the absolute best quality soundtracks and film scores on deluxe vinyl with new art, re-mastered audio, high quality packaging, and more.

We believe that purchasing a Waxwork Records Subscription is a great investment. By joining the 2018 Waxwork Records Subscription service, you will receive five deluxe soundtracks / film score releases on exclusive 180 gram colored vinyl, exclusive merchandise, screen printed posters, enamel pins, apparel, discounts, and incentives unavailable to the general public. The 2018 Waxwork Records Subscription will provide you with a year’s worth of enjoyment and high quality items that you will cherish for a lifetime.

This year, we are dedicating a large portion of the subscription service to the memory of the late George A. Romero. George was a big supporter of Waxwork Records, and we miss him very much. Being able to work closely with him on soundtrack titles like Creepshow and Day Of The Dead were an absolute honor. In 2018, Waxwork pays tribute to the man that brought the world so much enjoyment and good scares, George A. Romero.

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Here’s what we have in store for 2018 Waxwork Records Subscribers:

Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

After three years in development, Waxwork Records is excited to announce that we are releasing, for the very first time in any format, the definitive and complete Night Of The Living Dead Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. This jam-packed deluxe double LP soundtrack project was enthusiastically supported by director George A. Romero, and we have had the immense pleasure of working directly with the creators of the now historic film, The Museum Of Modern Art, and The Criterion Collection to source all assets of Night Of The Living Dead’s music. Re-stored, re-mastered, and available for the very first time! More details on this massive release are forthcoming.

Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

Years in the making, Waxwork Records is thrilled to bring you the expanded, and complete film score to the 1978 zombie-horror classic, George A. Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead. Scored by the Italian progressive rock group GOBLIN, Waxwork is excited to offer, for the very first time, a deluxe double LP featuring the complete score music of Dawn Of The Dead with all new artwork, re-mastered audio, high quality packaging, and much more!

The ‘Burbs

Directed by Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Howling) and starring Tom Hanks, The ‘Burbs is a beloved cult-horror-comedy film with an amazing score by Jerry Goldsmith (Alien, Poltergeist, The Omen). Waxwork Records is excited to bring you, for the very first time on vinyl, the expanded and complete score to The ‘Burbs as a deluxe double LP featuring re-mastered audio, liner notes by director Joe Dante, new artwork, and top quality packaging.

Drag Me To Hell

Directed by Sam Raimi (Evil Dead Trilogy, Darkman) and with an incredible score composed by Christopher Young (Hellraiser, A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge), Drag Me To Hell makes it’s vinyl album debut in 2018 from Waxwork Records. Waxwork is determined to release an impressive vinyl debut of such an immense and dark film score. Expect all new artwork, re-mastered audio, top notch packaging, 180 gram colored vinyl, liner notes by composer Christopher Young, and more!

Get Out

Waxwork Records is honored to present the score to the critically acclaimed 2017 horror film Get Out. Directed by Jordan Peele and featuring a dynamic and memorable film score by Michael Abels, Get Out took the world by storm as a powerhouse film that serves as not only an incredible new horror movie, but one with a penetrating examination which addresses racism and real-life crisis among black Americans. The score, with supervision by director Peele, is expertly crafted to capture a true, ominous sense of suspense and unease. Swahili chanting, bowed strings, and thrills throughout.

The 2018 Waxwork Records Subscription includes:

  • Night Of The Living Dead 50th Anniversary Original Soundtrack 2xLP
  • Dawn Of The Dead 40th Anniversary Original Soundtrack 2xLP
  • The ‘Burbs Expanded Original Soundtrack 2xLP
  • Drag Me To Hell Original Soundtrack Vinyl Debut
  • Get Out Original Soundtrack Vinyl Debut 2xLP
  • Deluxe 180 colored vinyl variants exclusive to subscribers
  • T-Shirt
  • Waxwork Coffee Mug
  • 18” x 24” Screen Printed Poster
  • Screen Printed Notebook
  • Waxwork Magnet
  • 2018 Waxwork Wall Calendar
  • Secret Enamel Pin
  • Shipping Included
  • 10% Discount on Waxwork products throughout 2018 
  • Entry to win a brand new U-Turn Audio Orbit Special Turntable ($500 value)
  • **Attention 2017 Subscribers: Your 2017 Discount Code may not be used when purchasing this product. If used, a refund will be issued.**
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