The Thing Update

We would like to thank each and every person that purchased our new soundtrack release of John Carpenter’s The Thing, yesterday. The support is immensely appreciated, and it means the world to us. At Waxwork’s core are fans of cinema and film music. It’s our mission to document film scores and soundtracks on vinyl in the most deluxe, high quality manner possible. That goes for big budget major studio titles featuring 80 piece orchestras, all the way to dirty, 1970’s Grindhouse-horror flicks with only a single human composing an entire film score on a primitive monophonic synthesizer. We love what we do, and we hope that it shows.

The response to yesterday’s release was immense. The Thing was our fastest selling record to date. Some of you missed out on grabbing a copy due to our stock selling out very quickly, and many of you have questions. We hope we are able to answer them below:

Why didn’t you press more records? Why are your releases so limited? 

It is crucial that our records make it into the homes of anyone that wants one.

A new pre-order will be up on our site tomorrow 2/15 for anyone that missed out and would like to get a copy of THE THING. These pre-orders are expected to ship in June, 2017.

While we won’t give out details about our pressing numbers, we can say that we pressed thousands of copies of The Thing. Could we have pressed more? Sure. Are we re-pressing? Absolutely. For those that missed out yesterday, a re-press is already in the works, and you’re not going to want to miss out. Please pre-order tomorrow, 2/15. Expected to ship June, 2017.

Why are some of your records expensive?

Because they’re expensive to make. Very expensive. You must factor in licensing, sourcing the original audio, mixing, mastering, commissioning artwork, hand assembled slipcases, print materials, shipping freight, promotion, warehouse space, etc.

Creating thoughtful, high quality records that are worth owning can be an arduous and expensive task that we push hard to make happen with each and every one of our releases.

Why is shipping to my country so expensive?

We have literally zero say in how much it costs to ship to international customers. Shipping is determined by a product's weight and is automatically calculated by USPS, DHL, etc.

In the case of the deluxe variant of The Thing, it’s a hefty package. We can say with confidence that the slipcase’s structure, design, weight, thickness, and materials will stand out within your record collection. It’s HEAVY duty.

*Update* We are now happy to offer significantly reduced shipping rates to our International customers. Please take advantage of these new, lower shipping costs!

What about the flippers?

We have tracked down and refunded almost every person that has purchased multiple records and tried flipping them. As it stands now, there are only three copies of the deluxe variant left on eBay due to our due diligence of tracking down and then refunding folks that purchased multiple copies, only to flip them. These almost-flipped copies have been turned around and sold to customers that missed out.

Do you limit the number of records a single person can purchase?

We do to a point. Some customers purchase multiple copies of a record for friends or family that are otherwise unable to buy the record themselves (sickness, at work, at school, not computer savvy, etc.)

In an effort to allow true fans to have a copy and to avoid flippers, we are adhering to a “two units per household” model on deluxe variants of our releases.

Why didn’t I receive my subscriber “Early Bird Notification” sooner?

We really care about our subscribers and acknowledge their initial investment for an entire year's worth of awesome, exclusive vinyl and merchandise. We try our hardest to closely assist subscribers all year long.

All early bird announcement e-mails are sent out to subscribers between 30 minutes to one full hour ahead of an announcement to the general public. If you are a subscriber, please be sure to check your SPAM folder and Promotions folder if you are not seeing the early bird notification e-mails.