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Reduced International Shipping Rates

Waxwork Records is happy to announce that we will be offering new, reduced shipping rates to our international customers starting tomorrow, May 30th. Shipping rates have been a concern of our international fanbase, and we have worked diligently over the past few months to find a permanent, affordable solution. We are thrilled to report to you that Waxwork will now offer new shipping costs for international customers that are not only more affordable, but significantly reduced.

Waxwork is always listening to your concerns and feedback, and we aim to provide incredible, affordable soundtracks on vinyl and other merchandise. The sometimes prohibitive shipping rates offered by USPS and various other carriers / shipping companies can be a deal breaker on whether a potential international customer places an order. We have made it a priority to find a solution to this pressing matter.

The new, reduced shipping rates cannot be applied to outstanding pre-orders, as we are unable to import previous orders into our new international shipping method and postal carrier / shipping company. We sincerely hope you understand. This new system is completely updated and different from our previous shipping model.

International friends, please take advantage of these marked down shipping rates tomorrow on our new 30th Anniversary soundtrack release of EVIL DEAD 2. We are also happy to report that we are in the process of re-pressing sold out titles from our discography, and all will be available with these updated, lower shipping rates.

Again, thanks so much for your support, wherever you are located. Your support and purchases mean everything to us, and it allows us to keep Waxwork running strong, bringing the best possible soundtracks and merchandise available in only the most deluxe manner. We sincerely hope that with our updated and reduced shipping rates, you are able to enjoy even more of what we have to offer!

Thank you,

Kevin and Suzy

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