Evil Dead 2

Waxwork Records is extremely thrilled to announce that we will be releasing the score to EVIL DEAD 2! Directed by Sam Raimi with a classic score composed by Joseph LoDuca, EVIL DEAD 2 is our personal favorite film in the EVIL DEAD TRILOGY. We are beyond excited to release the soundtrack to one of our favorite films in the most deluxe LP packaging available.
But here's the kicker: We're letting YOU, the fans, design the LP release! This is certainly unchartered territory for any record label, but we feel that this film and score is a beloved horror gem, and only the hardest of the hardcore EVIL DEAD 2 fans can come up with the BEST possible LP package. 
Over the next few weeks, we will allow any one and every one of you hardcore DEADITES to choose the artist, the vinyl colors, contribute liner notes, and more! Waxwork will set up a polling system that will allow you to choose how YOU would like our upcoming EVIL DEAD 2 deluxe soundtrack to look, feel, and more!
EVIL DEAD 2 is scheduled as a 2016 release. Put your thinking caps on, polish your chainsaws, and let's get groovy.