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Waxwork Records 2016 Subscription

As the year comes to a close, the crew at Waxwork Records would like to thank everyone that made our very first subscription service such a success. The support and positive vibes from our fans is appreciated more than you will ever know.

We have big plans for the 2016 Waxwork Records Subscription, and we sincerely hope you come along for the wild ride. By joining the 2016 Subscription service, you will receive five soundtrack releases on exclusive colored vinyl unavailable anywhere, or to anyone else, on the planet. As a subscriber, you will also receive an exclusive members-only t-shirt, turntable slip mats, an exclusive LP tote bag, a Waxwork Records logo enamel pin, 18% off anything from Waxwork during 2016, and much more.

Here are the titles we have in store for 2016 Subscribers. Take a deep breath, be sure that you're seated, and let's get to it.



Composed by Richard Einhorn (The Prowler, Don't Go In The House), the music of SHOCK WAVES is one of the very first 100% electronic film scores. Available on vinyl for the very first time ever, the complete SHOCK WAVES score has been transferred from the original master tapes with close supervision of composer Richard Einhorn. The complete LP package has been approved by the composer and director.


Composed by Paul Zaza (Prom Night, Curtains), the score to MY BLOODY VALENTINE has never been released in any format, ever. Composer Paul Zaza graciously opened up his archive to Waxwork Records, allowing us to transfer the complete score and soundtrack songs from the original 1981 master tapes. Also included is every cue of music from the infamous, gory deleted scenes. Waxwork is thrilled to finally release the haunting score to this stone-cold slasher-horror classic!


Waxwork Records is beyond excited to include the definitive soundtrack release to MAD MONSTER PARTY as part of the 2016 Subscription! This classic 1967 stop-motion animated horror-comedy features an incredible soundtrack which has never before been released on vinyl. The film stars Boris Karloff, Phyllis Diller, and of course, Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, The Wolfman, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, and many, many more! If you're looking for a deluxe record to spin at your 2016 Halloween bash, look no further!


Before Gremlins, Joe Dante directed what has become known as one of the greatest werewolf films of all time, THE HOWLING. This deluxe re-issue has been transferred from the original master tapes and approved by composer Pino Donaggio (Carrie, Tourist Trap). We are so excited to include THE HOWLING as part of the 2016 Subscription. Expect incredible LP packaging, a restored score mastered for vinyl, and a few dark surprises that will be revealed under a full moon in 2016!

...and one more VERY special, and secret release coming in 2016.

Waxwork Records 2016 Subscription Details:

  • Five deluxe soundtracks on exclusive colored vinyl
  • 18% off everything from Waxwork Records in 2016
  • An exclusive 2016 Subscription Member T-Shirt
  • Waxwork Records Logo Enamel Pin
  • Exclusive 2016 Subscriber LP Tote
  • No-Hassle and Stress-Free service without the worry of anything selling out
  • All Shipping Costs Included

$195 Domestic U.S. / $275 International

On sale this Friday, December 18th at waxworkrecords.com


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